How Shall We Live?


In my last post, The Sorrows of the World, I covered some of the major areas of human-produced suffering that are part of our world. The point of this wasn’t to show what a horrible place the world is, or (like John Gray’s Straw Dogs) what loathsome, despicable creatures humans are. Rather, my intent was to make it clear that despite all of our human success, our biological flourishing, we, jointly as humanity, continue to produce a world that is full of phenomenon that we, as single human individuals, find undesirable,…

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The State of the Human – Part 2: The Sorrows of the World

As I said in Part 1 of The State of the Human, looked at from a biological point of view, humans have had all of the success a species could dream of. From a big-picture, top-down point of view, we’ve multiplied, we’ve prospered, we’ve thrived. But looked at from an inside-the-human point of view, from the subjective perspective of humans living in this world, the picture is murkier, vaguer, the conclusions more obscure. In our ongoing scanning of the world, our efforts to see and know it, we becomes aware of a vast…

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