The State of the Human – Part 1: The Bright Side


My last 3 posts have been rather abstract explorations of the ideas of purpose generally and human purpose more specifically. Now I’d like to deal more directly with the idea of human purpose, of how we might wish to live as humans on this earth. Because a moving towards is also always a moving from one’s current coordinates, I think it’s useful to start by looking at how we humans live in the world today, the current state of the human. Of course, it’s such a broad and deep topic that it’s somewhat ridiculous…

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The Question of Human Purpose

In my last 2 posts, On Purpose and Life as Purpose, I looked at the concept of purpose abstractly. These weren’t written for their own sake, but rather as groundwork to raise the question of human purpose. By human purpose, I mean what we might collectively strive towards as a species. That is, since humanity can be seen as a process of becoming, what do we want to become, what kind of world might we wish ourselves to create. Can humanity have collective purpose? If so, should it, or should purpose be just a…

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Science and Human Purpose

In my last post, I talked about why it makes sense for humanity to adopt a future oriented attitude, and how this opens up the opportunity to engage with the future and help shape our own destiny. This opens up a messier and more significant question. If humanity can be viewed as a process of becoming, and if we play a part in the making of our own future, what kind of future might we wish for ourselves? How shall we humans live in this world? My earlier posts might make it…

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The Human as Trajectory

So far the process of human becoming is the movement from our first footsteps as homo sapiens into the world of today. This movement hasn’t been a slow and gradual linear process from our species birth. Rather, most of what is different in the human world has happened fairly recently in the human timespan. It is easy to see that there has been a process of acceleration of change in human existence. Life today is more changed from life in say 1700, than life in 1700 was from 2000 years before that.…

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Homo Sapiens Emerge

Go back some 200,000 years ago, when Homo Sapiens first appeared on the plains of Africa, having emerged from a procession of Hominins, starting with various Australopithicenes & then the different versions of Homo. If there was some independent observer present at that time, could they possibly have extrapolated from our ancestor to the global technical human civilization of today. Is there any way theu could have inferred how this ape derivative would impact the world? At that point in time, there would be no precedent in earth existence for a creature with the inherent potential of humans, no precedent for the unfolding…

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