A World For Us All


If we are to follow the road towards a mutually beneficial world, as I suggested in my last post, Human Together, that means we need to envision the world as a space which exists for the fulfillment of all human beings. Collectively that would be the current total of all 7.19 billion of us. And I mean more than just a generalized collective fulfillment, a sort of diffused human pleasantness. But actually, the specific individual fulfillment of each of those billions of humans. That is to say that the world should be a world for…

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Human Together

So, having arrived at this point in our humanity, can we humans learn to live together more harmoniously on this earth. Can we transcend the limitations of our current existence, the wars, the violence, the needless sufferings? Can we evolve our minds and our ways of being along with our science and knowledge? Clearly, it’s not the nature of humanity to accept things as they are. Our minds both enable and impel us to find better ways to do things. To move towards a more mutually beneficial way of being, we first have to open…

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A Human Way

Upon being exposed to some particularly ghastly event, some particularly inhuman action, most people experience a form of horror, a combination of revulsion and shock. Emotionally, we find it disgusting and mentally, it is incomprehensible. Whether it is people chopping up their lifelong neighbors in Rwanda or someone holding women captive and abusing them for years in a house in Cleveland, these occurences are felt as alien to the ordinary lives of most people. The particular examples don’t matter, there is a seemingly endless supply of these occurences if one is attentive to them. And yet,…

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