The State of the Human – Part 1: The Bright Side


My last 3 posts have been rather abstract explorations of the ideas of purpose generally and human purpose more specifically. Now I’d like to deal more directly with the idea of human purpose, of how we might wish to live as humans on this earth. Because a moving towards is also always a moving from one’s current coordinates, I think it’s useful to start by looking at how we humans live in the world today, the current state of the human. Of course, it’s such a broad and deep topic that it’s somewhat ridiculous…

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The Question of Human Purpose

In my last 2 posts, On Purpose and Life as Purpose, I looked at the concept of purpose abstractly. These weren’t written for their own sake, but rather as groundwork to raise the question of human purpose. By human purpose, I mean what we might collectively strive towards as a species. That is, since humanity can be seen as a process of becoming, what do we want to become, what kind of world might we wish ourselves to create. Can humanity have collective purpose? If so, should it, or should purpose be just a…

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Life as Purpose

In thinking about purpose, which led to my last post, the connection between purpose and life became clearer to me. The notion of purpose implies life; only living things can have purposes. In common usage, one might consider certain man-made objects, like doorknobs or refrigerators, to have purposes. But what they have are functions, not purposes. The purposes come from the humans who make or use them. To have purpose involves having intention. Only living things have intention. Having purpose is essentially being in a state of being inwardly motivated directionality, which…

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On Purpose

Wanting to write more about human purpose (which is such a major theme of this blog that it’s part of its tagline) I realized that it might be helpful to explore the concept of purpose, to unpack it a bit. In doing this, I found that not only does it help clarify certain things but it also uncovers some interesting implications, some of which I’ll try to touch upon. defines purpose as “1. the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.; intended or desired result; end; aim; goal.” So, having a purpose that…

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Science and Human Purpose

In my last post, I talked about why it makes sense for humanity to adopt a future oriented attitude, and how this opens up the opportunity to engage with the future and help shape our own destiny. This opens up a messier and more significant question. If humanity can be viewed as a process of becoming, and if we play a part in the making of our own future, what kind of future might we wish for ourselves? How shall we humans live in this world? My earlier posts might make it…

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The Thought of the Unfolding Human

The starting point for this blog will be the thought of the Unfolding Human. Like most thoughts, it is a construction project built from many thoughts, with all the weak joints and patchwork fixes that implies. As a thought, it’s a perspective, a way of looking at the world. Its hoped for value is to open up fresh possibilities for human thought and action. The core thought of the Unfolding Human is to look at where humanity is now in terms of where we have come from to extrapolate where…

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