Towards a World of Our Wishing


So, we find ourselves, in a world where our population, knowledge and capabilities continue to explode. But at the same time we continue to cause a lot of misery for each other; we struggle with the business of living together on this planet. This is true at all levels, from the inner psyche out to the global level and even to our relationship with the sphere of life. Yet none of us want to partake of any misery, we just wish to follow our bliss. But we find ourselves mired in this world which…

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Look Forward Human

When you look at humanity as a trajectory, as a process of becoming, it alters your orientation to time. You see that we’ve moved from an existence much like our fellow primates, through a agrarian world of villages, into a series of empires, states, nations and world-systems into today’s proto-global-techno-civilization. In particular, the tremendous changes of the last century revealed the intensity of this impulse of unfolding. Humanity completed a shift from rural agriculutre through industrialization into the start of our wired post-modern information age. This movement was propelled by our explosively expanding field of knowledge,…

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