How Shall We Live?


In my last post, The Sorrows of the World, I covered some of the major areas of human-produced suffering that are part of our world. The point of this wasn’t to show what a horrible place the world is, or (like John Gray’s Straw Dogs) what loathsome, despicable creatures humans are. Rather, my intent was to make it clear that despite all of our human success, our biological flourishing, we, jointly as humanity, continue to produce a world that is full of phenomenon that we, as single human individuals, find undesirable,…

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The Question of Human Purpose

In my last 2 posts, On Purpose and Life as Purpose, I looked at the concept of purpose abstractly. These weren’t written for their own sake, but rather as groundwork to raise the question of human purpose. By human purpose, I mean what we might collectively strive towards as a species. That is, since humanity can be seen as a process of becoming, what do we want to become, what kind of world might we wish ourselves to create. Can humanity have collective purpose? If so, should it, or should purpose be just a…

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Look Forward Human

When you look at humanity as a trajectory, as a process of becoming, it alters your orientation to time. You see that we’ve moved from an existence much like our fellow primates, through a agrarian world of villages, into a series of empires, states, nations and world-systems into today’s proto-global-techno-civilization. In particular, the tremendous changes of the last century revealed the intensity of this impulse of unfolding. Humanity completed a shift from rural agriculutre through industrialization into the start of our wired post-modern information age. This movement was propelled by our explosively expanding field of knowledge,…

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The Human as Trajectory

So far the process of human becoming is the movement from our first footsteps as homo sapiens into the world of today. This movement hasn’t been a slow and gradual linear process from our species birth. Rather, most of what is different in the human world has happened fairly recently in the human timespan. It is easy to see that there has been a process of acceleration of change in human existence. Life today is more changed from life in say 1700, than life in 1700 was from 2000 years before that.…

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