About Unfolding Human


Unfolding Human is a coin tossed into ocean of human thought. It is a perspective, a way of looking at the world, based upon looking at humanity in terms of how we have arrived at this point in our being and what we have accomplished as humans.

Our contemporay human reality can be seen as the current edge of an unfolding human wave, a possibility wave extending out into the indefinite future of human becoming. And the process of human unfoldment as just the edge of the greater unfolding of life itself.

Unfolding Human is an exploration of what it means to be human and what humanity might become. In looking at human possibility, it is especially interested in considering human purpose, what we might aspire to, dream of, wish to become.

Unfolding Human thinks of humans as special, as thinking, learning creatures, with great capabilities. Our destiny lies in our coming to terms with our specialness and taking responsibility for our future. I believe in the power of human agency to effect and create the world.

As a perspective, Unfolding Human is long-term and future-oriented. It takes a systems-oriented approach and sees the deep interconnectedness of everything. While optimistic it also insists on the necessity of being grounded in reality.

Unfolding Human sees humanity currently in the process of coalescing from a world of tribes and nations into one global human. We need to move beyond the things that divide us. It is together as one common humanity that we will suffer or flourish.

Unfolding Human considers reason & compassion to be the desirable operating principles for humanity going forward. And it suggests that the ultimate objective of human unfolding might be to create a more caring world, for humans and all of life.





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