Ways of Being For The World


When I brought up the idea of Being For The World, I discussed it in pretty abstract terms. Like Justice, Goodness and other concepts of that ilk, it might easily conjure up different images to different people. It’s one those notions that while it sounds good might leave you scratching your head about what I mean. And how would you go about the business of being for the world if you were so inclined? While the topic is worth a book of its own, I’d like to toss out a few rough thoughts. Most importantly, I see…

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The Purpose of Service

My last post was about the idea of Being For The World, which boils down to living with the desire to be of service. That is, you have the intention of benefiting the world, in some way, through your life. Service, in other words, becomes your purpose. It becomes central to your being, the thrust of your operating system. I think the whole idea of purpose is one of the most important things we can consider, and one of the most overlooked in modern life. That’s why Unfolding Human is subtitled “On Human Purpose and Possibility” (both the blog…

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Being For The World

As I said in an earlier post, you can look at life as being at its essence a pursuit of happiness. Reaching this goal involves becoming “what we are constituted to be”. That is, happiness comes from aligning our inner nature and our actual life. The plant-eating happiness of a deer is different from the deer-eating happiness of a wolf. The subterranean happiness of a mole different from the soaring happiness of a bird. What happiness an amoeba might find is in being able to nourish itself and divide. All beings have innate propensities and strivings and flourishing means…

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