The Possibility of Giving


At the end of my last post, The Pursuit of Happiness, I said that Jesus counsel that it’s better to give than to receive inverts the standard Western understanding of that whole tricky business. Like “money doesn’t buy happiness”, it’s one of those notions that floats around the thoughtmosphere (or noosphere as Teilhard de Chardin called it). While it’s given a certain regard, it’s acknowledged but not really embraced, something to be admired at arm’s length. Of course, like any idea in this scientific era, we have to look to approach it as a theory.…

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The Pursuit of Happiness

In my last post, The Spell of Greed, I said that you could look at greed as a flawed way of being in the world. Greed involves being for oneself but not in way that is about the true fulfillment of the self. It is an unconscious mode where desire becomes its own purpose, divorced from any underlying ends. Greed envisions the self as separate from the environment, a human disconnected from humanity and world. Greed interprets self-interest as grasping, as getting & having. But are these the true interests…

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