The Spell of Greed


In my last post, The Dynamics of Greed, I talked about the outward dynamics of greed, focusing on the way greed is oblivious to its own consequences, on the way it renders the humanity of others invisible. But in concentrating on this negation of others, it might seem that I’m simply pointing a moral finger of blame at greed or the greedy. My aim, however, was more to be descriptive than judgemental. To really deconstruct greed, I think it’s at least equally necessary to look at the inner nature of greed. In an…

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The Dynamics of Greed

In my last post, The Power of Greed, I talked about how greed has acted as a causal force of history and can be found as an underlying source of most of the problems in the world today. While greed seems to have reached new heights in the world’s current extreme inequality. the point of looking at greed isn’t to condemn anyone (society, capitalism, the rich, the greedy or greed itself). What I think is important is to look at the functional dynamics of greed, to see how it creates…

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