The Power of Greed


In my last post, An Edifice of Vast Inequality, I talked about the enormous inequality produced by today’s world-system. As I stated there, my point isn’t to promote a political-economic agenda, or a platform of policy recommendations. My goal not to berate capitalism, to proclaim the evil of capitalists, to sound the trumpets for revolution or to cry out “Le Guillotine”. The intent of that post was just to show the results of the global economy as manifest in today’s actual concrete living reality. Further to make some indications of how the results are…

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An Edifice of Vast Inequality

My last post promoted the idea of making the world work for everyone. But what is it that makes the world not work well for everyone? Probably the most signifigant factor is greed, in its most general sense. The world, as it is today, exists mostly for the benefit of the few. In a January 2014 article, the Atlantic noted that The World’s 85 Richest People Are as Wealthy as the Poorest 3 Billion, in a discussion of Working for the Few, an Oxfam briefing paper on economic inequality. With the end of the cold war, the whole…

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Making the World Work for Everyone

In my last post, I suggested that it’s time for humanity to start moving beyond our differences, time for us to start learning to be human together on this earth. If it makes sense to move in that direction, what does that mean? If we wish to be human together, then we have to pursue the full implications of what that means. It is more than just a feel good assertion, a well-meaning “I’m Ok, You’re OK” attitude. It also involves more than a cessation of hostility, a demilitarized neutrality of human relations. It’s even…

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