Let Us Be Human Together


We’ve reached a point in human unfolding where we need to envision ourselves as a common humanity. We humans need to move past the things that divide us and start learning how to live together.

As long as we continue to allow ourselves to be circumscribed by nationality, ethnicity, religion and ideology, we will continue to perpetuate conflict in human existence. This will only serve to further violence and other human suffering and diminish our capacity for human fulfillment.

The isms and ologys that we subscribe ourselves to are essentially constructs of the mind. As truths, as representations of reality, they are historical formulations in the ongoing process of human interpretation of the universe.

That isn’t to say that they are unreal phantoms. They spill blood on battlefields throughout the world. But they don’t represent essential realities about the soldier who kills or the soldier who is killed. They are concepts we have generated in our efforts to make sense of things. They are maps and not territories.

Think of all the human pain that’s resulted from our various human tribalisms, by our segmentations of the human. Written human history is a history of human conflict, from Mesopotamia to today.

But it’s time for the coming together of the human to begin. Time to start moving beyond our divisions and to proceed with Ihe integration of our species into a commonality.

There are 3 reasons I say the time for this has come. First, our shared human knowledge project reveals our unity. Humanity is a biological entity, a DNA commons, a unique concoction of evolution. Every human alive today shares a common ancestry going back to a small group of humans about 200,000 years ago. We really are one family.

Second, science further shows us as sharing this one blue planet within the vastness of the cosmos. Whatever our destiny might be, whether to the stars, or to self-annihilation, it is clearly a common human destiny. We have emerged out of the cosmos enabled to see ourselves within it.

Third.our science and technology bring us together in 2 ways. First, our digital communications connect us into a planetry human network, a global mind. Technology has enabled a real-time unification of the human. Secondly, science itself is a shared human commons, there is no Asian science, Western science, Latin American science. Rather, there is one human science, one global human knowledge project, which ties us all together and to which we are all tied.

These 3 reasons are allowing humanity to come together, to see our see ourselves as one global human. They enable us to realize that those things that appear to divide us are insignificant compared to those which unite us. What separates us are contingincies of history. What brings us together is the essential nature of our humanity and our shared human situation.

We need to see the great harm caused by human division. There is all the conflict, the violence, the killing, the wars. Further, there is all of the waste of human energy, all of the money, work and resources devoted to humans opposing other humans. Think of what could be accomplished if we could unleash all of that to more creative and constructive ends.

Also, there is the great emotional harm, the psychological suffering caused by human conflict. These create a underlying medium of fear infiltrating our daily lives, a felt need to protect ourselves from other humans.

As Buddhists and others have pointed out, human beings are fueled by the desire to feel happy and avoid suffering. The only way to maximize human happiness on this planet is to diminish the conflicts that exist between humans.

What level of human flourishing might be possible if we could come together as one global human? Let us begin to see ourselves not as Americans or Chinese or Russians but as simply human entangled in a world of humans. Let us see each other as fellow travellers in the great adventure of human unfolding.

Let us begin the movement away from conflict and fear towards a state of harmonious human mutuality. Let us learn to appreciate the humanity of each other, learn to see everyone as our fellow human.

In being human, our lives, our minds, our fates are all interconnected. Our reality is that to be human is to be a participant in the shared experience of being human on this planet. We need to learn how to make this human experience as beneficial as possible for all current and future humans.

If being human means a being together in the universe, then it also means a being for each other. Let us learn to move beyond conflict, hatred, violence and fear. Let us learn to transcend our differences. Let us be human together on this earth.



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