Let Us Be Human Together


We’ve reached a point in human unfolding where we need to envision ourselves as a common humanity. We humans need to move past the things that divide us and start learning how to live together. As long as we continue to allow ourselves to be circumscribed by nationality, ethnicity, religion and ideology, we will continue to perpetuate conflict in human existence. This will only serve to further violence and other human suffering and diminish our capacity for human fulfillment. The isms and ologys that we subscribe ourselves to are essentially constructs of the mind. As truths, as representations…

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The Proper Treatment of Humans

Humans don’t always treat each other very well. A quick scan of the newspaper or flipping through cable channels is all it takes to remind us. In fact, we are capable of treating each other very badly. Our history is full up of all manner of atrocities and barbarities. At the most basic level, we are in either a positive or negative stance towards other humans. For each of us, this splits all of humanity into three broad sets, the positively aligned group, the negatively aligned group and the set of…

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