The Human Ideology


At this point in the developing of humanity, we humans need to give increased attention to our relationship with each other. I think we need to look closely at this inside out and upside down, from our relationship as fellow humans across the globe, to our relations within our nations, regions and communities, to the intimate worlds of our day-to-day relations with our family, friends and colleagues and even within to our relationship with that inner constellation of being we call our self.

I think that a need to rethink these areas is to some degree stimulated by the ongoing rush of techno-globalization, which, among other effects, opened up our horizons and drawn us into a sphere of greater shared being. This globalizing is also revealing the inadequacies of our previous ways of relating and (along with the sheer increase in our numbers) increasing stress and friction in some areas of our relations with each other.

At the global level, people identify themselves as members of large groupings like nations, tribes, ethnicities, religions, political parties and ideologies. That is, the core of their being is enfolded into these entities. From this outlook, the larger entities are seen as being in conflict with each other. 

For many Americans, their primary concerns are with areas like “the national interest” and “national security”. In this perspective the global sphere is seen as an arena for expressing and advancing those “national interests”.

I don’t mean to disparage those thoughts or the people who hold them, and am grateful in many ways for being American. However, I think that as a species we need to start moving beyond these concepts and instead to start thinking more in terms of “human interest” and “human security”.

While nations will likely continue to exist for a long time, they represent historical contingencies. They don’t express anything fundamental about the human condition but are simply evolved circumstance. That one is a (United States) American, or Mexican or Russian or Chinese is not an inherent fact. At birth we are all simply human, unique potential aching to realize itself in the human world. Our individual nationalities are accidents of geography, history & ancestry.

Nations themselves are not fixed entities. Rather they are dynamic entities continuously recreating themselves at the intersection of their inherited history and the current state in the flux of human becoming.

Our nation thoughts divide us, they seperate humans from humans, creating conflict and war. Groups of humans fight each other because they envisage themselves as nation beings more than as human beings. These human subdivisions are not based upon inherent underlying truths. Rather they are all the outcome of the ever ongoing process of humans interpreting the world.

With our low early numbers, our initial wanderings out of Africa resulted in a world of pockets of humanity, where the cognitions of human groups congealed into diverse arrays of “cultures”. The human interpretations of the world became lifeworlds, tangible realities of humans intersecting with reality

But our current era of techno-globalization has resulted in the global interpentration of these human realities. The forces of history are reconnecting us into a common human family, a global community of interconnected in thought and action.

The worldviews that have gotten us to this point are no longer satisfactory. Our nationalities, ideologies and religions fragment us, creating conflict between us. Truths that divide us are failed truths. It’s time to move beyond the thoughts that divide us and begin to construct overarching thoughtschemes that embrace all of humanity.

We need to realize that the things that seem to seperate us are more furtive, less significant than those which we share.  We are a common humanity, cohabitants of one solitary sphere, members of a collective biological gene pool, participants in the greater human history, the movement into a shared human destiny.

Perpetuating thoughts of human difference causes us great harm. Instead of holding on to the ideas of the past, let us dedicate ourselves to the human ideology, the thought that we are one common humanity; let us work co-operatively, as humans together, to form a world for the benefit of all humans, for our mutual flourishing and the flourishing of our fellow species.











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