Creatures With A Future


So once we homo sapiens were spawned from the flow of evolution, we proved to be a different sort of creature, one with unusual capabilities, who did strange and new things. Starting from that simple life on the plains of Africa we went on to create the complex world of today.

Thinking about the difference between our early lives and today’s world, we can see perhaps the biggest difference between us and the fellow creatures we share the earth with. Our lives as a species change over time, they move from past to future. Being a human today is a radically different experience than it would have been 200,000 years ago, though as a beings, as genomes, we are essentially the same.

Recently, I watched a DVD taking you through African game parks and reserves (which I somehow acquired) and was thinking about how for other animals, the nature of their existence stays the same over time. Being a lion is what being a lion always was. The same with being a zebra or a flamingo or an ant.

Of course, the environment is always changing for all beings. But the character and experience of rhinohood, or beetlehood, or mongoosehood remain the same through time. Because the nature of their existence is specified inside their being, it is a manifestation of their biology. Their lives are pure being, the expressions of their inner nature interacting with the world.

The appearance of homo sapiens on the world stage, adds a new dimension to specieshood, the dimension of direction in time. Humanity isn’t just a species with a future, but a species for the future. We are the first species for whom future is a meaningful concept, a difference, not just a continual repittion of the present.

Rather, for humans, futureness is embodied in our existence. Humanity represents a motion into the future, a process of unfolding towards. We are history-making-creatures.The only end to history would be the end of humans because creating history is our essence, our destiny.

Humanity has added a new element to life. For us, life is more than simple being. Humans are creatures of becoming. We live between now & when. Today is not just the space of our existence but a field of transformation. Our human existence is a moving towards, into a future we generate through our thoughts and actions.

Part of our greater process of becoming involves coming to understand ourselves not as mere subjects of history, not as simple objects of outside forces, but as agents of possibility. Our mission, should we decide to accept it, is to take responsibility for tomorrow, to become the creators of our own future.

Our purpose is ultimately the self-realization of humanity and of the impulse of life.










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