The Thought of the Unfolding Human


The starting point for this blog will be the thought of the Unfolding Human. Like most thoughts, it is a construction project built from many thoughts, with all the weak joints and patchwork fixes that implies. As a thought, it’s a perspective, a way of looking at the world. Its hoped for value is to open up fresh possibilities for human thought and action.

The core thought of the Unfolding Human is to look at where humanity is now in terms of where we have come from to extrapolate where we might be able to go. The human knowledge project has reached a point where we are now able to see how we have arrived at this moment of our human journey and where we are situated within the vast universe.

We can trace our human story backwards through historical time through the development of human societies and civilizations, and even further back as a species through various permutations of hominids. And then we can understand our story backwards through the process of life evolving going back to its wonderful and mysterious origins in chemical processes on a primitive earth.

And we can journey backwards through the creation of the solar system and the formation of galaxies all the way back to the singularity of the big bang. And spatially we can orient the earth within a vast universe of hundreds of billions of galaxies each with hundreds of billions of stars.

By being able to see ourselves in terms of where we are and how we have arrived here, we can see what we have been able to accomplish as a species. Thinking in terms of pre-human life, it is amazing that a lifeform has been able to learn so much about its place in the universe.

Considered in the deeper time spans of the history of the universe or of life on earth, our human knowledge project has acquired great knowledge within a very short time. And this learning has accelerated incredibly over the last centuries in particular.

Within that perspective, it seems clear that humanity is an unfolding human wave, a wave which is the edge of the greater unfolding wave of life itself. The human wave is an infant wave just beginning to get its legs and become aware of itself. It is a possiblitiy wave, unrealized potential spiraling into a future of enormous promise, a future that will be largely what we make it.

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