Some Thoughts on Secular Worldviews


In today’s world, people have a worldview that is primarily either secular or religious. Of course, in actuality it is often a blending of both, sort of a metaphysical smoothie. In my last post, I discussed the problems with religion as a knowledge system. Unfolding Human might be seen as an exploration of building a better secular worldview. By a secular worldview, I mean a philosophy that doesn’t accept mystical explanations of reality relying instead on scientific understanding and rationality. It is oriented to the observable real world and is…

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New Models of the World Needed

Essentially, this is the raison d’etre for the Unfolding Human, its foundation stone.  Over the last 200 years, science has made tremendous advances in our ability to understand physical reality & biological processes. These advances also serve to illuminate our histories, the histories of human, life and cosmos. But we lag behind in updating our overall models of the world, our meta-models. By models of the world, I mean overall frameworks of thought that guide our goals and actions. Unfolding Human is something of an exploration, a sketchpad of ideas…

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The Thought of the Unfolding Human

The starting point for this blog will be the thought of the Unfolding Human. Like most thoughts, it is a construction project built from many thoughts, with all the weak joints and patchwork fixes that implies. As a thought, it’s a perspective, a way of looking at the world. Its hoped for value is to open up fresh possibilities for human thought and action. The core thought of the Unfolding Human is to look at where humanity is now in terms of where we have come from to extrapolate where…

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